Right now, we are having to deal with an unprecedented reality that, for most of us, is far outside our previous experience or frame of reference. 


We are having to get used to a new way of being at a time of complete uncertainty which can create feelings of anxiety, low mood and general emotional dysregulation. 


We are having to absorb information, advice and guidance from many sources and it can be hard to choose the best path for ourselves and those around us. 


In this time of social isolation, it may be that we are suddenly faced with thoughts, feelings and emotions that we were previously able to avoid, adding to the sense of confusion and uncertainty. 


The experience of self-isolating with others can bring up questions about ourselves and our relationships at a time when finding the emotional space to process these thoughts and feelings may be hard.    


If you would like a safe, confidential space to try and make sense of some of what you are going through, I would like to offer my services. I can provide lower cost remote counselling support or therapy (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype, telephone) to those who are struggling financially, with the possibility of moving to face-to-face sessions when the virus threat has passed.  


I can support you in finding and developing your own coping mechanisms that will help you to move through this unsettling time with an increased sense of groundedness and purpose. Often, just being able to find a voice for your own feelings can be an immensely empowering experience. 


Please contact me by email, phone or text at any time for more information, or if you just have questions or concerns about the counselling process. 


May I wish you and yours the very best of health,