My Counselling Approach

My therapeutic philosophy is integrative in that I aim to combine a range of therapeutic influences in a way that allows me to work with the infinite uniqueness of an individual person.


The foundations of my approach are rooted in a person-centred and psychodynamic way of working. Person-centred, because it is my belief that therapy can only take place within a relationship that has genuine mutual trust and honesty at its core. And psychodynamic, because it may sometimes be helpful to look back at past experiences that are held within our subconscious.


Due to its focus on the present moment and of working with body awareness, Gestalt is also hugely influential to my understanding of therapy. Gestalt philosophy sees our mind, body and spirit as a whole and asks that we experience and integrate these parts of ourselves in a way that is unique to us as individuals.


Lastly, neuroscience has a great deal to offer in terms of a more tangible way of working with our self. Understanding how our brain and body reacts to our thoughts can be an enormously empowering experience.


We come to therapy for many reasons, yet often at the heart of it all is one thing – change. Though a simple word, it is sometimes the most difficult of things to achieve on our own. It is my aim as a counsellor to discover what change means for you personally and support and guide you in finding your own path towards it.

Get in Touch

If you are curious about the process of counselling, then your journey towards living a better life has already started. Please contact me to arrange an initial meeting, or with any questions or concerns you may have about the counselling process. 

My aim is to reply within 24 hours and arrange a first meeting the same week. Urgent appointments are also available - often on the same day as your enquiry.  


5 Carshalton Grove, Sutton, Surrey, SM1 4LY

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